Metathione Glutathione Whitening Pills … ? ? ?

A friend of mine wants me to pick up Metathione Glutathione Whitening Pills. I want to know were to purchase them. I was thinking maybe Mercury Drug sells them but not quite sure. Also does anyone know the price for these pills?
Thanks ~

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  1. Yes,they are available in Mercury drug stores.Not familiar with the price though.But you ought to know that the whitening effect is a side effect of the drug only,its primarily an antioxidant and a nutritional supplement.If you want the whitening effect,go for the injectable form but it costs alot more.Its available in dermatological clinics and beauty centers only.

  2. Why does these people acts as if your buying illegal drugs?
    We all have the right to change whatever we want to change in our body. Noone can even tell us that its wrong! It is what we feel inside that matters and not the outer shell. So no matter you want to be white or tan, it is ones choice.
    And BTW, how in the world are you saying that Glutathione can damage the body?
    Its so sad that youre ignorant!
    Glutathione ACTUALLY EXIST IN YOUR BODY, so how can something like that hurt you?
    Its better that you read and research before you voice your thoughts because clearly its not factual.

  3. The price of these pills is your soul.
    Think about what you are doing. Save the money and do something enjoyable instead of focusing on the color of your skin.
    Its somewhat daft.

  4. dang girl do you know how those whitening pills damage yer body,think twice before swallowing that pill

  5. I would do research before buying them. I don’t think they work

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