Which Is More Effective – Met Tathione Or Active White (l Glutathione)?

Im a one-month user of MET Tathione. And the effects weren’t really that visible. I’ve got a month and a half to go and, I was hoping to get faster results. (Although, I do understand that this takes time.) And now my MET capsules are finished so, I’m going to buy another one. But I’m not sure if I should still buy MET (With the possibilities that this second time of use, will help me become whiter) or just try the Active White?
Please help. Has anybody tried any of the two? If so, please tell me which product you used, and how long did it take before you saw the effect? (Skin Whitening)
(: Thanks!

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  2. ► i bet you’re a filipino 🙂
    anyway, give a product six months to work, so that you could see the maximum effects before changing to another product..:)

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