Does Skin Whitening Soap Work? Which Is The Best One?

Which one works the best? Im using SkinWhite Smoothing Soap.
And does anyone know how it works?
Thank you! Anything is appreciated.

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  1. lady above me has a bad attitude. people tan so i don’t see skin bleaching as a problem.
    Skin whitening soap does work. SAFE skin whitening soap works by inhibiting ( blocking ) a enzyme or whatever called tyrosine. That stops the process of your skin from tanning in order to protect yourself. Which would lead to the halting of melanin production ( the pigmentation in your skin ). However, alot of skin bleaching products have hydroquin which causes cancer so it is very important that you check what active ingredients are in your products as hydroquin leads to permanent, unnatural looking white skin ( think Michael Jackson ). Ideally, you are looking for licorice extract or kojic acid as your bleaching agent. Also it is extremely important to use SPF 50 or higher sunblock to even see results or else your body will tan regardless of the soap. Personally, i use Neutrogena Sheer Sunscreen SPF 70 or something like that. And remember that skin bleaching works just like tanning does meaning that it is not permanent and will only last one cycle of what your skin will shed ( 40 or so days after your results. 7 days if you bake yourself at a tanning salon ). well it’d be more helpful to know your skin tone but whatever. There’s alot more to how skin whitening works but this is just the gist of it. You can ask me more if you want. And i would suggest you research more. Because i spent about 3 weeks researching on skin whitening before i actually tried it. Oh and forgot to mention that it is not caustic if you use the soap. The concentration is too low to harm you and you should leave in the soap lather on your body for 3-10min.

  2. the skincare line Makari has 3 Clarifying Exfoliating Soaps that are made with all natural ingredients (Hydroquinone free). Go to the top right hand side, type in soaps under Search and you’ll see it. This line works really good!

  3. honestly i do not know why you would want to whiten your skin. just be really careful because some of the products are known to be carcinogenic and can have really bad side effects too.

  4. Why in Gods name do you want to whiten your skin????? First off anything that would whiten your skin is likely caustic (it will burn you badly) if it does work, and could cause permanent damage. Secondly, psychologically I think IF you are whitening your skin just to be lighter (and not trying to hide a scar-which can be taken care of with makeup by the way – or surgery if youve got the money) you should take the time to evaluate exactly why you are doing this and make a list on paper. Chances are when you look at your list later it will be ridiculous….

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