Glutathione + Vitamin C.. Skin Whitening…?

I read an answer given by someone here on yahoo that, its good to take glutathione pills with vitamin C to maximize its effect of skin whitening. Im planning to get 500 mg glutathione pills and take one tablet daily. But, is mere consumption of fruits containing vitamin c with gluathione pills will do the task for me?? Im already taking multi-vitamins everyday and its dose also contain 60mg of vitamin c along with other vitamins… do i still have to take more vitamin c pills?? or wht should be the dosage??
I like to avoid taking pills as much as i can.. pls help..

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  1. Glutathione sold on the store shelves is mostly excreted out of your body and ends up not giving your body the intended effects. The molecule itself is too big to enter the cell. I have found a product call MaxGXL. The first ingredient is vitamin C
    For proper body functioning & staying healthy, Max GXL is a must. Max GXL helps your body naturally produce an adequate supply of Glutathione which protects you from harmful affects of stress & over exertion, and is critical to optimal brain function. So if you are tired, overworked, aging or having other related problems, you need MAX GXL. It’s basically a Glutathione accelerator which will naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body and improve your immune system.
    Max GXL is formulated to strengthen your immune system, and provide optimal health, greater energy, and enhanced athletic performance. It provides proper nutrients that develops & absorbs glutathione. Max GXL will detoxify your liver & thus help the liver to function as the main production site and storehouse for glutathione.
    For more information send me an email or call me and I will send you the ingredient list.
    Best Regards
    toll free for US and Canada 1-800-760-4883
    I hope to hear from you so I can help.

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