What Is The Most Effective Whitening Soap In The Philippines? Is The Glutathione Really Effective?

please do answer dears

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  1. Most people using Gluthathione claimed that it’s effective but as what they’ve said it always depend upon a person. Way back in college my friends told me that the whitening soap “Top Gel”. Just make it sure you buy the original one coz there’s a lot of fake ones. It’s best to consult a dermatologist. < *-*>

  2. WOW ok where can I get stay natural soap?
    If all Pilipino males (Peras) want white skin females, keep looking harder, the odds of them is not great. For me there are plenty of dark skin cuties to meet. Praise all the natural beauties don’t let society brainwash in thinking being pale attractive. Stay Natural

  3. Look at Kris Aquino’s and Sarah Geronimo’s flawless, whitened skin.. a testament of glutathione.

  4. Likas Papaya soap is the best!

  5. yes gluthatione is effective, it has Vitamin Cs on it. Try Likas Papaya Whitening soap

  6. dahlin…
    tan is more beautiful than white.

  7. I agree with those who said leave well enough alone. People there trying to lighten up, while those in other countries going to tanning salons, and beaches to darken themselves. Trying to look whiter is NOT a western standard of beauty. I told my wife if I wanted someone light skinned, I would have married someone like that, so stop trying to be something you are not.
    By the way, don’t use Kris Aquino as an example……..she looks like she is dead, or a ghost. In fact I call her Casper whenever I see her on t.v. (Which seems constantly.. what a camera hound) But the way I have seen her talk down to, and put down people on her game show she is not Casper the Friendly Ghost. More like Casper the Self Centered Ego Maniac Ghost.
    But anyway, just be happy with who you are, and realize that your beautiful, and your skin tone is actually attractive how it is.

  8. Likas Papaya.

  9. For skin whitening, I *highly* recommend the Sanli Glutathione with Grapeseed Extracts Soap! I have a naturally fair complexion, but I got terrible sunburns from my beach outings last summer vacation. I’ve been using that soap for only two weeks, and my skin is back to normal, I even lost the tan lines. It could be bought at Chinese boutiques all over, for only P100 per bar. You could use it for your face and body.
    You could also try Metathione brand Glutathione. I haven’t tried it, but my cousin uses it and her skin is a lot fairer than it used to be. It’s a bit expensive though.
    Likas Papaya gave me painful, peeled skin. I think you should stay awaaaay from it.

  10. a friend swears to the use of perla.**

  11. Never heard of that, sorry, but i don’t know how effective the whitening soaps are in Philippines, never used them at all.
    BigA, i agree with what u said about Kris Aquino…LOL

  12. Glutathione is best ingested than rubbed on skin. GLutathione only has a fifty percent rate of whitening. I’d suggest that you just accept who you are and stop adhering to Western standards of beauty.

  13. Placenta Herbal Soap in Mercury Drug Stores.

  14. i wouldn’t change a thing anyway

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