Where Can I Buy Glutathione For Iv Therapy By Roche?

Hi – are you sure that Roche produces an IV therapy for Glutathione? Sorry to ask but I searched their website (www.roche.com) and it was not listed. I also looked at Henry Schein where I was a medical distributor for them and they do not have it in IV form. I looked at Baxter Medical as well. If you do find it, the selling company will not sell it directly to you. They will need to have a medical license from someone (your physician) to sell it in IV form. A product I currently use, MaxGXL is a glutathione accelerator. It is having amazing results and may be a product that you would like to research. It is alot easier to get and has proved to raise glutathione over 200% in the body. Not sure if you have a condition (Parkinson’ss, cancer, etc.) but many are using this and many doctors through out the country are suddenly learning about this product and are amazed at the results they are seeing. Dr. Robert Keller, developed MaxGXL, he is a leading physician and scientist who has been recognized for his work. If you would like to learn more about this product take a listen. I also have an extra copy of a book written by Dr. Keller is you are interested in it.
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