Egg Whites Good For Skin Whitening?

like discolorations?

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  1. I havent heard of it but if you have discoloration then its best to use diana stalder products and also very effective one. You can read customers testimonials about the products… cheers and goodluck…
    Yeah, what you have is a simple solution to your problems. Why dont you use diana stalder products the papaya kojic soap and whitening cream or black licorice soap with the whitening cream. This webstore have the proper and original diana stalder packaging and its authentic. You can check out the customers testimonials about the products. They have the best products to get rid of dark spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation and not only that they have the best whitening skincare products… Please do check this website…

  2. you should try skin brightning serum. I like the one from Clarins. It’s expensive, but works.

  3. the skin’s color comes from pigmentation called melatonin which is produced underneathe the skin as a result of DNA structures.
    there is a chemical one can digest to change the pigmentation, but the health risks pose a real danger.
    there is nothing else that can change the melatonin. It reacts to damage from UVA and UVB rays, which we call a “tan”, and we can use stains to tint the outer layers of the skin.
    but nothing changes the pigmentation and so there is no way you can lighten your skin.

  4. yes, i heard about that too..they say it’s effective..

  5. Let me try. Is it safe? What I know is that you can use it in your face once in a while to slough off old skin and have fine pores. But for skin whitening, I never heard of it yet until here.

  6. it soften your skin i tried it but lighten, i don’t think so.
    try to use the link below. my friend use them in daily basis, it’s actually cheap and effective ‘coz i’ve seen a difference on her skin since using it for about a month. a set includes a soap, lotion and a facial wash. since i knew her secret i also tried, and i’m using it for a week already, and the pink one is great i love the smell and the lotion was made with spf15 you don’t have to worry going out under the sun, the wash has microbeads it helps me clean my pores. so hope it helped.

  7. no, egg whites help to tighten pores and skin;
    skin lighteners whiten skin.

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