Swiss L-glutathione Soap?

Does it really work? I been longing to use this soap but I’m afraid the result will be the same as with the Belo one where my skin were peeling off.
Is it normal for whitening products for your skin to peel off?
For how long are u going to notice the effect?
Thanks everyone!!!

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  1. Yes. Swiss glutathione bar definitely works, and honestly it works a lot better than Belo, even my dermatologist tells me that! The proper use of this product is to wash your skin with it, and lather it for about 30 seconds. Just 30 seconds would be enough for it to take effect on your skin, then wash it thoroughly with water. You will notice the early effects between 3-5 days. skin peeling is normal and is a welcome effect. This process removes your dead skin cells making way for a new one, thus the effect of a healthier, lighter, rejuvenated skin. You really should grab one and try it for yourself!

  2. Yup SWISS L-glutathione bar really works! and although it cost a little more than Belo, the price you pay for it is definitely woth it! You really should try it, it’s very good with pimples too.. whenever i notice i have pimples, i use that soap and after 3 days its gone.

  3. Swiss glutathione works for me. I found it at watsons along with other soaps, it wasn’t easy for me to decide back then which one will I buy. But Im really glad I made the right decision. Swiss glutathione helped me recover from my tan, and now my skin is lighter than ever! hope this helps.

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