Why Some Caucasian Are Fun Of Tanning And Brown Skin People Are Fun Of Using Whitening?

Just wanna know your opinions….

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  1. There was a song in the late 70’s, maybe early 80’s called “why do all the white people want to be black and all the black people want to be white”. It was obviously a joke, but it asked the same question you are asking.
    I know I like having some color, because when I am pale, you can see every flaw in my face, with a tan it hides a lot.

  2. although it’s cliche but this is the fact:
    human beings will never be satisfied of their natural features.
    and have you ever think, sun-kissed and fair skins just looks HEALTHY for them..
    we all wanna get the healthy looks.
    too pale isn’t attractive,
    too brown(sun burnt-ish) isn’t gorgeous
    has the problem solved? =)

  3. well, media. societal standards. we want what we do not have.
    tan skin people want white skin because for them white is uncommon and therefore, beautiful.
    white people want tan skin because for them it is uncommon and hence, beautiful.
    oh, btw, i think you mean “fond of” not “fun of”..

  4. that’s humans for you.

  5. I don’t even understand what you are asking?

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