Is It Possible For Me To Whiten My Skin Into A Porcelain/ivory Tone?

I LOVELOVELOVE the look of rosy, glowing, flawless porcelain ivory skin.
I used to be quite pale when I was younger, but I noticed that my skin has tanned from the sun. (it burns first, then tans). But my tans fade SUPERDUPERULTRA slowly.
can I go from this:
to this?
without makeup?
How can I avoid the sun as much as I can, what whitening creams?
please, I’m desprate!

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  1. porcelain/ivory tone… well not exactly theideal. Rosy, glowing, and flawless… now your talking! 🙂 most people are wrong about the notion of trying to just lighten their skin… its also important to look healthy, thats why you should have a rosy tone and not just a pale one. you may want to try sw+ss l-glutathione bar. you can read about the swiss bar at

  2. The only way one can avoid the sun as much as they can is to remain indoors on sunny days and come out only on cloudy and rainy ones in conjunction with using some type of bleaching cream…Besides creams there are various types of natural BlackSoaps one may use to aid in reaching some desired effect inthewhich you seek. But I would have to say the best complexion one can have is there God given complexion. Just think about it.

  3. wear sunscreen and protective clothing. i have very fair skin and i have always wanted to be tan. everybody always wants what they dont have its the way humans are. i hope this helps, good luck 🙂

    Haven’t tried anything from here but it’s worth a shot.

  5. Turmeric powder, lemon juice, honey, curd can be used to make your skin fair. More home remedies available at…

  6. be happy with who you are, why the hell would you want to change your skin colour – this is what the world is doing to people

  7. yes you can if you take glutathione pills…

  8. yeah, if you’re michael jackson.

  9. Yes you can, and I do not lie, there is the asian skincare products from thailand. infact it’s the branch of korea brand. indeed this brand also has got face treatment and many kind of skin problemproducts like streatmask, acnes, dark skin, freackle and wrinkle or scare etc. it works well on my face and the shop quarantees returning mony. I used acnes skincare product not the whitening skincare product, but after acnes gone the skin also get whiter too. I used to have Ivory skin but now my skin is alabaster white ( pink undertone) fairest of them all!, and after used this product and the acnes vanished, u do not need to use the product anymore and your skin do not need any make up also, all ppl who using this products or take the treatment ( I’ve never take the treatment yet cuz I’m not in thailand but I used to order the products). the person who used this products,their skin will be white pearl even the black american women one and no acnes return for all your life. their products are from the traditional asian secret acnes care forumula. some ingredient are from the death babe and human ginseang, which it will be grow only one time a year in winter above the Tianshan mountian, between russia and mongolia.
    I will give u the site and u can ask them on the webboard of the site in english language.
    ( u can click new topic and ask them your problem)
    P.S I quarantee with my head it’s damn work! I also have seen the south east asian woman used this product and has got ivory white skin with rasacea cheeks. and no freaky white make up anymore.

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