What Is Best Whitening Lotion?

I wanted to lighten my skin tone.What is best whitening lotion for dry skin?

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  1. Why!
    why would you want to do that, thats so wierd.
    dont do that!
    honestly who does that

  2. semen…have several guys give you a ******* facial..lol!

  3. I am certified beauty consultant and I can recommend you some good products with 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!! Email me at megdhanusi@yahoo.com with this same question again and I will be happy to give you name of products, some life style recommendations and web site you may purchase the products from. Hope this will help!

  4. Are you from Asia? If you are from China, korea, Malaysia, Philippines or Bangkok there are tons of good ones.
    Philippines: Mistine, Belo essentials lotion and Godiva
    Bangkok- Mistine
    The most potent ones are from Korea and Japan but have not been there so can’t recommend any

  5. good quality skin whiteners should be safe (without hydroquinone, mercury or steroids) and potent (unlike most commercial over-the-counter products).. these will work beautifully with a good sunscreen, your moisturizers, and vitamin C.. that’s how i do it… skin whiteners need not be expensive to be effective. 🙂

  6. garnier whitening lotion..my face uses that..it whiten~!!btw if u have dry skin..i tht u shld but dainty lavender mask which will helps to whiten and re-hydrate your skin..i uses that twice per week.. i bought dainty mask at 2buck only.. its frm an online website at 88db..s0o i tht u shld use whitening lotion for ur body too..if nt u will have uneven tones..=)

  7. I have never heard of whitening lotion! Be careful or you will come out looking like Micheal Jackson!

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