Most Effective Whitening Lotion?

i used to go to the beach and I stopped. I’m having a hard time making my skin lighter. ladies, can you pls recommend an effective whitening cream or lotion?

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  1. i guess lotions with licorice, i heard it helps lighten the skin

  2. I thought going to the beach makes your skin darker not lighter….
    So you seem to be doing the right thing by not going.
    Or u just confused the heck out me

  3. Hey why do u want to play with sumthing dats natural………….

  4. Lightening the skin is extremely dangerous because its hard to find a product without any bleaching components in it. You skin becomes super-sensitive and you can’t expose your skin to the sun without a high (60+) sunblock protection. So be careful when choosing products to lighten your skin you can get long term damage because of the strong ingredients used in skin lightening products, but try this website, all their products are bleach free they are a bit pricey because they only use natural ingredients, there are a lot of products you can choose from but you can try Euoko skin whitening serum which is about £129 you should see results immediately. But be careful these products are only temporary as you have to keep using them to maintain your skin colour. Love your skin the way it is otherwise you’ll never love yourself.

  5. my skin is ivory color and in the summer I get those farmer jake arms (tanned arms only) during the wummer while wearing t-shirts. I’ve tried everything I can think of to bleach that tan…nothing works. I even tried sand paper (haha) and it didn’t remove the tan. I’ve been considering going the other way using a tanning lotion (the kind where you tan without the sun) and making the rest of the body match the arms so that I can wear my strapless dress and not look silly. I dislike wearing long sleeves in summer cause of the heat. Seems to me that suntan is a build-up kind of thing. I heard that the body changes every 7 years, maybe just waiting 7 years works.

  6. Why do you want to lighten your skin. Just be happy with the color of your skin.

  7. Honey? Why would you want to make your lovely mocha shade lighter? You sound like you have a Michael Jackson complex. Quit right now and be happy with the beauty of your lovely, chocolate skin. OMG! Get real.

  8. I am sorry, but I can’t help you. I do not use whitening lotion on my skin… I guess you will just have to rub the colour away…

  9. cocoa butter…it’s cheap, all natural and is safe for your skin

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