Sammy Sosa Returns to Black Skin! Bye Bye Skin Bleaching!!

click our link to watch our exclusive videos. Check the skin calor change of Sammy Sosa!!Now in streaming online. Sosa, apparently a big fan of ACDC, is back in Black.. He was spotted at club Liv at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach last weekend looking like his old self.., Sosa looked back to his usual color and was partying with friends until the early hours, according to a Page Six spyThis is good news for Sammy, but bad news for everyone else, because Sammy being the butt of the joke was amazing. Read More :
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  1. I don’t care what he does with his skin but I see comments like harvester922’s and obviously it’s just a very stupid opinion. I disagree of course because I don’t find pasty white people very attractive and many other people feel the same way as I do. And yes Swedes and Norwegians are cute but not as cute as Arabs, Hispanics, and Mediterranean people in my opinion and for many others too.

  2. You’re probably talking about Americans. Norwegians and Swedes are pretty fucking cute lol. (All jokes aside people) I think Sammy Sosa looked a lot better before he bleached his skin, you guys shouldn’t get too riled up on this issue. Remember, it’s HIS skin, so whatever the complications that come out of bleaching will affect him and not you.


  4. WAS

  5. it

  6. it was a medicine he was on

  7. He looked beautiful with his original color now just looks pasty

  8. I can prove thats not true!! if you want me to, you better hold on tight for reality will smack you real hard/…LOL

  9. No whites are the fattest, dullest looking race.

  10. but not as beautiful as white. they are the best

  11. Cowardly of him.

  12. mark mcgwire is now black !! no just kidding haha

  13. Now this latino black guy looks like a fucking fool now he is my ex favorite player


  15. scary・・・・・・・・vampire

  16. It’s sad actually. He should be happy just the way God made him. No one should change like this. God made him black hispanic, and that is beautiful…all races are.

  17. @steroidsR4fuckups I AGREE.

  18. this guy is a clown. He looks hideous after the job. The lady next to him kind of looks a bit uncomfortable


  20. he’s probably following MJ using Monobenzone
    but he stopped and didnt go all the way..
    monobenzone . tk

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