How do you make your skin lighter or look lighter?

Question by Kimmi: How do you make your skin lighter or look lighter?
I have light medium skin (taned by sun) and I want to get lighter. Please help me!

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Answer by her_she22
wow you know whats funny is i saw a commercial for a new trend in japan and its this lotion that you apply that helps you become more pale, it acts as make up at first but then it gradually lightens your skin… i dont know what its called but this website has something about it also look up on google “japanese skin lighteners” and it will give you an array of results

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  1. ask Micheal Jackson

  2. Sounds like you hve beautiful skin to me, live with it. Accept your beauty.

  3. Western culture generally says that tanned skinned is preferred, but if you’d like to get lighter stay out of the sun more, wear sunscreen on a daily basis and wear a hat, etc.

    I guess you could use make up if you really wanted to..? Lighter foundation might help.


    why would you wnat to change it?

    also answer this question. am i pretty? iwant to be a model. link above.

  5. **rub tomato on ur face twice day for 15 days …and apply rose water 2wice a day
    **to look lighten u can try lotus herbals matte effect sunscreen with 40 spf
    ** get biotiques coconut whiteing cream ..its anight cream and works awseme

  6. use a mild skin lightening soap.. my fave is the black licorice soap that has gentle microdermabrasion and lightening effect, which can eventually brighten skin with a glow. 🙂

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