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Bleaching Asian or Dark Hair to Blonde or Pastels | Everything You Need to Know | Wengie

Make life beautiful 🙂 This is a complete guide that shares with you everything that I have learnt while going blonde and pastel over the past many many years. I hope that this video helps you decide whether going blonde is for you and gives you some tips to prepare you for the journey […]

28Feb2015 | | 25 comments | Continued
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Do you think it is wrong if a guy does not like Asian girls because they are “too White”?

Question by Giggidy the great: Do you think it is wrong if a guy does not like Asian girls because they are “too White”? I have Asian friends who date Black girls, White girls, and Latinas. Most of my Asian friends avoid Asian girls and I asked one of them why they do that and […]

23Nov2012 | | 12 comments | Continued
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Are indian (south asian) women jealous of east asian woman’s paler complexions?

Question by slowpoke: Are indian (south asian) women jealous of east asian woman’s paler complexions? i am friends with three female co-workers. two are indian and the other is a pale skinned east asian. one of the indian girls told her that she had “beautiful pale skin”, but the other b!tches behind her back and […]

24Oct2012 | | 5 comments | Continued
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which is better for an asian: pale or tan?

Question by danie: which is better for an asian: pale or tan? I’m half asian/half white and I was born with natural light brown hair and the ability to get really brown in the summer and really pale in the winter. i have heard all these fads in Asia about “pale skin” and “tan skin” […]

5Mar2012 | | 13 comments | Continued
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Asian Face Skin Care & Skin Lightening Beauty Shop – Asian Face is an online beauty shop for asian men and women. We provide cosmetic solutions for uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, skin whitening as well as offering make up suitable for asian skin. Introduction to Pigmentation, skin lightening and bridal treatment. Having owned their own salons and Aesthetic clinics around the North West […]

9Mar2011 | | 9 comments | Continued
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HotWhitening Opens Asian Showroom in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand (PRWEB) August 31, 2009 HotWhitening, the New York-based skin whitening skincare brand, is proud to announce the opening of the first HotWhitening showroom in central Bangkok’s Asoke neighborhood. HotWhitening Bangkok to serve as a retail anchor and skin whitening treatment center. HotWhitening Expands to Asia “Our Bangkok showroom represents […]

7Feb2011 | | 0 comments | Continued
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How To Become Beautiful (asian Girl) Through Time?

Umm what if i want to achieve the cute… ulzzangish look just in general really pretty.. nice skin..etc… but by long instead of relying on makeup… what should i do to lighten my skin.. keep in shape and become more pretty.. (long term ) like a daily schedule.. foods to eat.. exercise? …… what […]

26Dec2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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How To Get Whiter Skin Naturally (asian)?

How to whiten the skin naturally (asian)? My family is asian, and I have a fair/meduin tan skin tone. my mother has fair skin, and my dad has meduim, and for some strange reason my face is naturally lighter than the rest of my body. (My legs are the darkest) For me it is really […]

15Dec2009 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Why Do Asian And Eurasian Women Have “white Fever”?

I’ve read that a lot of them have caught “white fever”. They like to date white men and they want to be white, A lot of them dye there hair brown, the eurasian I knew dyed her hair lighter brown than mine and I’m totally caucasian. They’ve been know to use skin whitening creams and […]

15Nov2009 | | 11 comments | Continued
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Asian Girl Wants To Whiten Skin….?

I’m an asian girl and have always had brown skin. I have tried a lot of skin brightening scrubs, but they have’nt worked. Do you know anything that can brighten your skin?

29Oct2009 | | 5 comments | Continued