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Blame men for big butt, curves, 'bleaching' and socialite craze

Blame men for big butt, curves, 'bleaching' and socialite craze A couple of weeks ago, there was an uproar after one of the so-called socialites lightened her skin (I like the way Kenyans bluntly put it; bleaching). Personally, I chose to ignore the whole story. Reason? The character in question is a grown woman … […]

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Butt bleaching?

Question by Alex C: Butt bleaching? My ass crack has a distinct discoloration. I know it’s from sweating alot. Im a very light skinned mexican male. I really want to lighten the color. Ive heard about procedures that are being done to “bleach” the skin tone of the ass. Does anyone else have this problem? […]

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How To Whiten My Skin (butt) In One Week?

unlike skin tanning, skin whitening can’t be done in a haste.. you’ll need maybe at least 2 weeks depending on your skin sensitivity yet.. of course you may see results in a week too.. try a good quality (and safe) skin whitening cream (preferably dermaline skin whitening cream which is potent and affordable) and apply […]

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